Marianne Muggeridge - Fine Artist


Marianne Muggeridge specialised in life drawing and painting at Elam School of Fine Art, where she gained her BFA in 1973. Traveled in Europe throughout the 1970's returning to N Z in 1979. In 2000 Marianne won the NZ Portrait Gallery’s inaugural National Portrait Competition, and in 2002 won the Adam/NZ Portrait Competition. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections throughout New Zealand: Te Papa, Massey University, The Royal Society and The Reserve bank. Marianne is a full-time working artist whose creative impetus is to always work from life in a variety of media. Currently living in South Taranaki with partner/artist Roger Morris. The last 11 years were spent in Wellington. Roger and Marianne have two daughters, Lucy and Myfanwy, and a granddaughter Azra Lily. Since 2012 Marianne and Roger have in the main lived at  Oeo Rd, South Taranaki     

See: for life drawings



  • N Z Art and Literature by Kevin Ireland, 1995.
  • Mapping the Godzone, A Primer on NZ Literature by Edward Shafer 1998.
  • Te Maunga Taranaki, a Govett Brewster publication of 2001.
  • Landscape Paintings of N Z by Christopher Johnstone, 2006.
  • New Zealand Portraits by Richard Wolfe, 2008. 
  • 10/98 Seconds of Wellington Artists. 2011, Lennart Maschmeyer.
  • Marianne Muggeridge.  By Stuart Shepherd, Melanie Thornton and Philippa Mc Dermott, published with N Z Portrait Gallery Solo Show "Taken Personally" 2013.


  • Artists Profile for Education, Resource Material. 
  • Documentary in Taranaki Studio by Darcy Lange, 1997.
  • The Wellington Figuratives by Simon Burgin, 2003.
  • T L C Doco. 2002 to 2009. Matty Warmington and Ruth Korver
  • Feature in the first TV one Series, “The Big Art Trip” in 2001

Public Collections include:

  • Te Papa, Museum of N Z. Awatuna Church. Screen print.
  • Massey University. Portraits of Professor James MacWha, 2002 
  • and Professor Judith Kinnear, 2008
  • The Reserve Bank Portrait of Don Brash, 2002
  • The Royal Society Portraits of Professor Alan MacDiarmid (Nobel prize) 
  • and Professor Vaughan Jones (Field Prize)
  • Academy Presidents: Professor George Petersen, 
  • Professor Carolyn Burns, Professor Paul Callaghan and 
  • Professor Marston Conder. 2007-9
  • Nina and Ruby. 1996  Puki Ariki New Plymouth.
  • New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Wellington. Lucy in her Green Dress. 2001




Winner of New Zealand Portrait Gallery Award in painting in 2000 judged by Dr Charles Samurez Smith, Director of The National Portrait Gallery London.

Winner of Adam New Zealand Portrait Gallery Award in 2002, judged by Andrew Sayers, Director of The National Portrait Gallery of Australia.